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Protocol Analysis #5

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Podcast & Newsletter analysing crypto protocols and exploring the depths of Web3. Created and curated by Sid Shah (@96siddharthshah), Yash Palod (@yoshi_eth2), and Sid Sanghvi (@sidsanghvi7).
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Hi all,

In the fifth episode of Genesis Block's Protocol Analysis series, we analyse GMX, a decentralised derivatives exchange that allows users to trade spot markets for certain assets as well as trade perps (perpetual swaps) using leverage up to 30x.

GMX has a pool of assets known as the GLP pool through which spot and perp trades are executed. The version of GMX on Arbitrum and the version on Avalanche have two separate GLP pools with differing constituent assets.

Due to its decentralized nature and unique oracle pricing method, trades are executed with low fees and low slippage.

Stay tuned for an in-depth breakdown of GMX in our article that releases on Wednesday 14th September!


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