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Innovations in Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Innovations in Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Thematic Analysis #9

Hi all,

The ninth episode of Genesis Block's Thematic Analysis series focuses on zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and innovations within the space.

ZKPs let someone prove that they know, have, or are something without giving up any information about what they know, have, or are.

At their core, ZKPs have strong cryptographic guarantees, with the use of cryptographic techniques like digital signatures and hashing providing assurances that the underlying data has not been accessed, modified, or disclosed in an unauthorised manner.

Several projects are innovating and developing solutions that have ZKPs at their core, including Aleo, Espresso Systems, and Lagrange.

If you learn via reading, our article on ZKPs is below!

Genesis Block
Innovations in Zero-Knowledge Proofs
This is the ninth article in our Thematic Analysis series. In this series, we talk about broader trends and emerging concepts in the crypto space, looking towards the future and analysing how Web3 is evolving in real-time. Let’s dive in! Theme: Innovations in Zero-Knowledge Proofs…
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We’ve partnered with Leapfrog Crypto to co-create a simple video explainer on The Rise of the Ownership Economy! Leapfrog makes animated videos simplifying the most interesting ideas in the world of cryptocurrency, decentralised finance, and Web3.

Content is King! The creator economy has seen an explosive rise in the past decade. But the platforms that host creator content are more often than not zero-sum. In this video, Genesis Block and Leapfrog Crypto take a look at how the Ownership Economy is changing that dynamic to a positive-sum one!

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