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Web3 Social: Landscape & Narratives

Web3 Social: Landscape & Narratives

Thematic Analysis #10

Hi all,

The tenth episode of Genesis Block's Thematic Analysis series focuses on the Web3 Social Media landscape and narratives within the space.

Social media built on Web3 wants to make the relationship between all stakeholders – creators, users, and the social media platform – more mutually beneficial, and make the presence of a highly extractive middleman obsolete.

Web3 Social is a fundamentally new approach at re-architecting the traditional Web2 social media stack, where closed databases and opaque algorithms become open networks where users and creators own their data and there are transparent free market dynamics in algorithm and application feature development.

If you learn via reading, our article on Web3 Social is below!

We’ve partnered with Leapfrog Crypto to co-create a simple video explainer on The Rise of the Ownership Economy! Leapfrog makes animated videos simplifying the most interesting ideas in the world of cryptocurrency, decentralised finance, and Web3.

Content is King! The creator economy has seen an explosive rise in the past decade. But the platforms that host creator content are more often than not zero-sum. In this video, Genesis Block and Leapfrog Crypto take a look at how the Ownership Economy is changing that dynamic to a positive-sum one!

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